Companies who have invested in high-performance computing (HPC) resources -- like clusters, supercomputers and cloud environments need these resources operating reliably around the clock. And just as importantly, the systems need to be easy to use, manage, and scale while still being cost-effective.

Altair PBS Works 2018 addresses these challenges with the most comprehensive suite of integrated HPC workload management products available from a single vendor. PBS Works 2018 simplifies and streamlines the management of HPC resources with powerful policy-based job scheduling, user-friendly web portals for job submission, 3D remote visualization, and deep analytics and reporting. With PBS Works 2018, users can optimize system utilization, improve application performance and gain greater ROI on hardware and software investments.

"We are pleased with the new unified user interface for the PBS Works Suite," said Ramesh Krishnan, HPC Services at Orbital ATK. “The ability to monitor system status and jobs, configure queue and resource limits, and analyze past utilization from the same interface is a welcome enhancement.”
- Ramesh Krishnan, HPC Services at Orbital ATK

Engineered to make HPC easy, fast, and reliable, the PBS Works 2018 product suite includes:

  • Altair PBS Professional®: Market-leading HPC workload manager proven for over 20 years at thousands of sites worldwide
  • Altair Access: A brand-new portal, which gives users intuitive access to HPC resources, and lets them run and manage jobs and use remote visualization
  • Altair Control: A powerful toolset for administrators, which provides a single pane view environment to configure, deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot HPC infrastructures, with seamless forecasting and cloud- bursting capabilities.